Architecture & CMS

How to set up and configure external authentication services [backend]

From version 3.4 BEdita supports by default 3 external authentication services: Facebook,

Profile your BEdita application with XHProf

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BEdita module as a CakePHP plugin

This article shows how to create a new BEdita module through a CakePHP plugin

Addressbook shell script

List of methods for script, to have updated list use

./ addressbook help


Developing applications

Frontends: a brief overview

A question that sooner or later you will ask yourself using BEdita is:

"Ok, nice

Embedding Images with beEmbedMedia

Embedding images is probably the most common use of the BeEmbedMedia Helper. You just

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Create custom error 404 and error 500 pages

On your frontend applications you may want to have nice and useful error pages for your

Embedding multimedia objects

An overview on the multimedia embedding feature, using the BeEmbedMedia Helper.