List of methods for script, to have updated list use (in bedita folder)

./ bedita help

  • init: initialize a new BEdita instance from scratch
  • initDb: initialize database with bedita-db sql scripts, new database with minimum data (BEdita user, basic groups one publication, one section, module data, )

Usage: initDb [-db ] [-data ] [-nodata] [-media ]

  1. -db          use db configuration specified in config/database.php
  2. -nodata         don't insert data
  3. -data           use data dump, use absolute path if not in bedita-db/
  4. -media      restore media files in
  • cleanup: cleanup cache, compile, log files

Usage: cleanup [-frontend ] [-logs] [-media]

  1. -frontend  clean files in [use frontend /app path]
  2. -logs        remove log files
  3. -media     clean media files in 'mediaRoot' (default no)
  • checkMedia: check media files on db and filesystem
  • export: export media files and data dump in a .tar or .tar.gz file

Usage: export [-f ] [-compress]

  1. -f          file to export, default bedita-export.tar.gz
  2. -compress    gz compression (automagically applied if file extension is .gz)
  3. -nomedia     don't export media files in tar
  • import: import media files and data dump

Usage: import [-f ] [-db ] [-y]

  1. -f          file to import, default bedita-export.tar.gz
  2. -db          use db configuration specified in config/database.php
  3. -y  answer always 'yes' to questions...
  • checkApp: check app files ... (core.php/database.php/index.php...)

Usage: checkApp [-frontend ]

  1. -frontend    check files in [use frontend /app path]
  • modules: simple operations on BEdita modules list/enable/disable

Usage: modules [-list] [-enable ] [-disable ]

  • mimeTypes: update config/mime.types.php from standard mime.types file

Usage: mimeTypes -f

  • updateObjectTypes: update object_types table