List of methods for script, to have updated list use

./ dbadmin help

  • rebuildIndex: rebuild search texts index
  • checkLangStatus: update lang texts 'status' using master object status

Usage: checkLangStatus -lang

  • buildHashMedia: insert 'hash_file' for media file.

Usage: buildHashMedia [-all]

  1. -all         rebuild all 'hash_file'
  • setImageDimensions: get images size and update db

Usage: setImageDimensions [-all]

  1. -all         set dimension for all images, otherwise only for image with dimensions no defined in db
  • updateVideoThumb: update video thumbnail from external provider

Usage: updateVideoThumb [-id]

  1. -all         update all video, otherwise only video with no thumbnail defined in db
  • annotate: add comment/editor notes to object

Usage: annotate [-id ] [-type ]

-id          object id to annotate
-type        'editor_note' or 'comment'

  • orphans: searche and remove orphaned objects (not in tree)

Usage: orphans -type

  1. -type        model type like 'section' or 'document'
  • importCsv: import objects from csv file

Usage: importCsv -f -type

  1. -f   csv file path
  2. -type        model type like 'document' or 'event' to import
  • updateStreamFields: update name (if empty), mime_type (if empty), size and hash_file fields of streams table
  • checkConsistency: check objects for consistency on database
  • updateTreeRoot: update area_id field in trees table
  • checkDbNames: check database table/column names

Usage: checkDbNames [-schema]

  1. -schema      use schema file - otherwise read directly from db (default)
  • cleanup: remove old items from log/job tables

Usage: cleanup -days

  1. -days        number of days to preserve from today in cleanup
  • updateCategoryName: update all categories and tags unique name

-objectType          update categories for a specific object type (for example: document)

  • importXml: import BE objects from XML (in a section)

Usage: importXml -f [-s ]

  1. -f   xml file path
  2. -s   section id to import
  • exportXml: export BE objects to XML

Usage: importXml -o -t

  1. -o   xml output file path
  2. -t   object type: document, short_news, event,.....