Every template (backend, frontend, plugin) can have translationable content, which is a string (a single word or a sentence) enclosed by {t} and {/t} special tag. For example, in a .tpl file:

{t}Title{/t}: {$object.title}

You can create translations for these contents editing properly .po files, located in i18n folders:

$BEDITA_HOME/bedita-app/locale/LC_MESSAGES/< lang >/default.po
$FRONTEND_PATH/locale/LC_MESSAGES/< lang >/default.po
$BEDITA_MODULES_PATH/locale/LC_MESSAGES/< lang >/< plugin-name >.po

These files can be updated/created through BEdita gettext shell script.

BEdita shell script gettext

BEdita use gettext internazionalization and localization (i18n) system.

Usage of the shell script method update:

 ./cake.sh gettext update [-frontend < frontend-path >] [-plugin < plugin-name >] 

To generate/merge .po/.pot files for BEdita backend:

./cake.sh gettext update

To generate/merge .po/.pot files for a frontend (creating frontend master.pot looking at < frontend path > [use frontend /app path]):

./cake.sh gettext update -frontend < frontend-path > 

To generate/merge .po/.pot files for a plugin (create .pot and po files for specific plugin):

./cake.sh gettext update -plugin < plugin-name >
For more details:
./cake.sh gettext help