In order for plugins to work in BEdita 3.2 some changes may be needed for a plugin built with BEdita 3.1 to work properly.

As you will see, some of the changes indicated in Migrating frontends from BEdita 3.1 to 3.2 are also valid for plugins.

Since BEdita 3.2 is build upon CakePHP 1.3.x, whereas 3.1 used CakePHP 1.2, you may need to look at this guide in CakePHP cook book that describes migration of cakephp apps from 1.2 to 1.3.


Support for vendors/css, vendors/js, and vendors/img for plugins has been removed. They have been replaced with plugin (bedita module) webroot/css, webroot/js, and webroot/img directories.
So if you have custom files in those folder, simply move css img and js folders from your_module/vendors/ to your_module/webroot/

If you need to keep BEdita 3.1 compatibility don't move your css js img folders but copy them into webroot, keep a copy in vendors for BEdita 3.1.

View and Helpers

  • HtmlHelper::css() no longer has an $inline parameter. Use $options['inline'] instead, for example if you had:
    {$html->css("ui.datepicker", null, null, false)}
    you have to change it to:
    {$html->css("ui.datepicker", null, ['inline'=>false])}
    or to:
    {assign_associative var="params" inline="false"}
    {$html->css("ui.datepicker", null, $params)}
    if you need BEdita 3.1 compatibility.

  • flash() no longer auto echos. If you used Smarty as template engine you should replace:
    {if $session->flash('error')}{/if}
    and simila.

  • JavascriptHelper is deprecated, you should replace: 
  • The array of smarty assign_concat function now must begin with 1, if you had something like:
    {$assign_concat var="test" 0=$a 1=$b}
    simply change it to:
    {$assign_concat var="test" 1=$a 2=$b}