List of methods for script, to have updated list use

./ newsletter help

  • import: import data from specific source (default phplist)

Usage: import -f [-mailgroup ] [-from ] [-sep ] [-v] [-force]

  1. -f     file to import
  2. -mailgroup         mailgroup id to associate imported users
  3. -from      import source type for example from phplist csv export
  4. -sep          separator (if needed, for example if you import from csv)
  5. -v verbose mode
  6. -force try to save with validation errors too
  • createFilesListsFromPhplist: create files for each list found in the phplist export file


  • addCards: add cards to mailgroup, all or by category

Usage: addCards -mailgroup [-c ]

  1. -mailgroup       name of mail group / list
  2. -c        select cards by category (default: all)
  • merge: merge a mailgroup into another

Usage: merge -from -to

  1. -from    name of source mail group / list
  2. -to      name of destination mail group / list